Reorganisational healing


Your body is amazing, and you have a natural ability to heal.


But, for many people they have been left wondering if natural healing is a possibility, after trying many therapies with minimal results.


Our approach is different to conventional methods.

This gentle method of care gives rise to new pathways and operating systems that your body will utilise as long-term, sustainable health and healing.

Reclaim your health, so you can experience your true potential.


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The Three Pillars of Health

Learn how the stressors in your environment can create changes in your health.

Boundless Health Chirorpactic - Chiropractor Tuggeranong - Physical Health

Physical Health

At Boundless Health, we want to teach your body through a personalised care plan, to unwind the stress and clear the distortions responsible for the physical ailments you may be experiencing.

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Boundless Health Chirorpactic - Chiropractor Tuggeranong - Chemical Health

Chemical Health

Our body is constantly dealing with a barrage of chemicals and toxins just from regular daily living, from the water we drink to the air that we breathe in.

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Boundless Health Chirorpactic - Chiropractor Tuggeranong - Emotional Health

Emotional Health

We value the importance of mental health and well being, which is why our holistic approach is centred on retraining your nervous system to a relaxed state.

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BOUNDLESS: unlimited, immense


At Boundless Health we utilise a style of healing called Network Spinal, which is known for its gentle approach and profound changes to health. The gentle, specific spinal contacts are designed to help your brain and nervous system to release stored tension and stress that is being held by the body.

This form of reorganizational healing is different to conventional therapies as we focus on supporting internal healing systems in your body, rather than just treating the pain and symptoms. This creates a platform for a more sustainable, long-term improvement in your health without the use of manipulation or invasive methods.

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The shape, tone & tension of your spine determines the shape, tone & tension of your life.


- Donny Epstein (founder of NSA)


Dr Bilal Adhami


Dr Adhami is a chiropractor passionate about providing gentle, effective care as well as being an informative resource for people interested in health

Bilal is a current member of the Australian Chiropractic Association and values knowledge and collaboration by contributing many extra hours of training with other practitioners to ensure he can provide the best care and help support the lifestyle of all the practice members.

At Boundless Health we are passionate about the well being of our community and are committed to changing the spines and lives through gentle Network Spinal Care.

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Our Holistic Healing Process

Our unique method of healing results in allowing you to heal naturally and feel great.

Dr Bilal Adhami, Tuggeranong Chiropractor

1. Complimentary Consult


This first step is to establish what your health goals are and for us to understand your needs. At this point if we believe we can help, and you are interested in finding out more about your health state, you can schedule a Fundamentals Consult.

Dr Bilal Adhami, Tuggeranong Chiropractor

2. Fundamentals Consult


Here we establish the fundamentals of your current health state. This involves a thorough review of your health history and detailed Neuro-Structural exam to define your physiological baseline.

Dr Bilal Adhami, Tuggeranong Chiropractor

3. Foundation Consult


This is the foundation towards your journey to better health! We will discuss the findings of the fundamentals consult and design a catered care plan to help improve your health to a state of well-being. You will also receive your first Network Spinal adjustment (if indicated) as part of this consultation.

Dr Bilal Adhami, Tuggeranong Chiropractor

4. Reorganisation Healing


Discover your body's potential of healing and experiencing a better state of health. Re-organisational Healing allows your nervous system to transform from its current state to a thriving state of health and adaptability, giving rise to more sustainable change

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you crack my neck?

At Boundless Health we use a gentle method called Network Spinal, a gentle but precise contact that helps your body release tension and gain flexibility. Unlike conventional chiropractic, we pride ourself on sustainable, long-term improvements in your health without the use of forceful ‘cracks’ of the joints.

Is Chiropractic safe?

Absolutely, Chiropractic has an outstanding safety record and all chiropractors have received at least 5 years of formal, University education to ensure your safety and wellbeing. At Boundless Health we take a natural approach to your health, using gentle techniques aimed at working with your body to facilitate your healing.

Is it OK to see a chiropractor if I’m pregnant?

Anytime is good to see a chiropractor to improve your nervous system functioning. Lots of changes occur in the body with pregnancy, placing higher demand and higher stress on the pelvic joints. A recent study (Haavik, 2016*) showed that chiropractic can help pregnant women relax their pelvic floor muscles, which can assist in vaginal delivery of the baby. Our adjusting methods are always modified in consideration to height, weight and size of the mother.

*Haavik, H., Murphy, B.A. and Kruger, J., 2016. Effect of Spinal Manipulation on Pelvic Floor Functional Changes in Pregnant and Nonpregnant Women: A Preliminary Study. Journal of manipulative and physiological therapeutics, 39(5), pp.339-347.

What causes the popping sound I can hear in my spine?

An audible cavitation (or popping) is actually a rare occurrence with Network Spinal adjustments, however you may hear them occur after your visit to the chiropractor. The popping sound you may hear is the release of gas in the synovial fluid that is contained in between the joints. This happens when the joint is stretched and gas is released very quickly into the increasing space, making an audible ‘popping’ sound. This is completely normal and safe and is a sign of increasing flexibility in your spine as a result of chiropractic care.

Do children need chiropractic care?

Anyone can benefit from chiropractic care, from young children to the elderly. Network Spinal adjustments are very gentle, but very specific and are designed to help your body naturally release tension to feel and function better. Young children experience all sorts of stressors to their nervous system as early as birth, to learning how to walk, bumping into objects and carrying heavy school backpacks. We love to see kids and want to support their nervous system during their growth and development.

How often will I need to come in for appointments?

Dr Bilal will determine the most appropriate schedule of care once you have taken a Fundamentals consultation. It is hard to determine what sort of care you may need prior to a thorough history and examination.

How does Network Spinal work?

Network Spinal or Network Care is a gentle but specific technique designed to use your body’s resources to accelerate healing through the release of stored tension in your body. Network care has developed and evolved over the last 30 years by founder Donald Epstein and is known for its profound results in improving physical, mental and emotional health. Unlike conventional chiropractic, we want to see our clients achieve boundless levels of health and function without the forceful ‘crack’ of the spine.

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