Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI)

Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) is a technique created by the founder of Network Spinal, Donald Epstein, which designed to enhance a person’s awareness of their body’s own rhythm using specific breathing, movement and light touch.

SRI allows us to explore the intimate connection between the body’s innate intelligence and its relationship to conscious thought and experiencing. The awareness of this relationship is the compass that navigates our body and mind through the different demands placed on us from our environment; physical, mental, emotional and chemical stresses. The specific breath, movement and touches using 12 different SRI exercises deepens this connection, enhancing conscious awareness and energy state, and allows our body to regulate and organise stress in a more efficient manner, rather than storing tension in the body.

The SRI exercises are designed as a supplement to Network Care, assisting people in tapping into their body’s full potential to heal and reorganise to a better level of wellbeing. At Boundless Health, we integrate SRI with people’s care plans to help remove the boundaries stopping you from reaching the best version of yourself.

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