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Network Spinal (NS)

At Boundless Health we utilise a unique style of healing called Network Spinal, which is known for its gentle approach and profound changes to health. The gentle, specific spinal contacts are designed to help your brain and nervous system to release stored tension and stress that is being held by the body.

The foundations of Network Spinal are based on creating greater nervous system integrity and adaptability to stress. This approach leads to less tension and stress, more flexibility, adaptability and greater quality of living

This form of reorganizational healing is different to conventional therapies as we focus on supporting internal healing systems in your body, rather than just treating the pain and symptoms (important signals that suggest your body needs reorganisation). This creates a platform for a more sustainable, long-term improvement in your health without the use of manipulation or invasive methods.

While symptom relief is not a primary goal, many people have reported dramatic improvements in their physical health. The participants of the original study by Professor Robert Blanks et al. Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology, College of Medicine, University of California, Irvine:
A retrospective Assessment of Network Care Using A Survey of Self-Related Health, Wellness and Quality of Life reported the following improvements under Network Care;

SRI (Somato Respiratory Integration)

Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) is a technique created by the founder of Network Spinal, Donald Epstein, which designed to enhance a person’s awareness of their body’s own rhythm using specific breathing, movement and light touch.

SRI allows us to explore the intimate connection between the body’s innate intelligence and its relationship to conscious thought and experiencing. The awareness of this relationship is the compass that navigates our body and mind through the different demands placed on us from our environment; physical, mental, emotional and chemical stresses. The specific breath, movement and touches using 12 different SRI exercises deepens this connection, enhancing conscious awareness and energy state, and allows our body to regulate and organise stress in a more efficient manner, rather than storing tension in the body.

The SRI exercises are designed as a supplement to Network Care, assisting people in tapping into their body’s full potential to heal and reorganise to a better level of wellbeing. At Boundless Health, we integrate SRI with people’s care plans to help remove the boundaries stopping you from reaching the best version of yourself.

Neurological Behaviour/DNA

We want to tailor a solution to help you get back on track, using the latest technology, we gain deeper understanding into how well your nervous system is functioning. Like your fingerprint, the way your nervous system is unique to you and is a direct reflection of how well you are coping with environmental stresses and how this may be impacting your health. For this reason, we use advanced technology to help determine the fundamentals of your neurological traits, your internal software, which allows us to adopt a sustainable, long term approach to your healing.

Surface Electromyography (sEMG)

Your body’s communication occurs through electrical impulses that travel to and from the brain via spinal nerves; your Central Nervous System (CNS). sEMG scanning helps determine the strength and balance of these impulses as well as highlight any areas where there may be interferences, which affects the flow of electrical impulse.

Thermal Scanning

Like the sEMG, this non invasive scanning measures the temperature on either side of the spine. When interference occurs in the nervous system, this distorts the way it communicates to vital organs and tissues, including your blood vessels, which is captured as an imbalance in your temperature along the skin. This vital information helps us determine the areas in the spine with greatest interference.

Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

HRV provides information on how your body is handling stress and how that may be affecting your vital organs, such as your heart. Your heart fluctuates throughout the day in response to changing levels of stress; the ability to shift in response to environmental changes is the bridge to good health. HRV will determine if your heart is experiencing a level of adaptability considered for ideal health and will highlight any deviations, or a lack response associated with a locked-in stress response (fight or flight) and the effect that has on your overall health. Chiropractic care can help restore you HRV and address the underlying causes of your pain and stresses that are affecting your heart health*.

Digital Posture Analysis

Our posture analysis helps you visualise the key stress points in your body and how that may be impacting your physical health. Using proprietary software, your postural photo is taken and analysed to see if your structure has deviated from an ideal posture, which also calculates the cumulative stress (in millimeters and kilograms) that is being added to your spine and joints in the body. Our focus is to address the source of these stresses so that your body can naturally restore itself to its most ideal posture.

*EFFECT OF CHIROPRACTIC CARE ON HEART RATE VARIABILITY AND PAIN IN A MULTISITE CLINICAL STUDY, John Zhang, MD, PhD,a Douglas Dean, PhD,b Dennis Nosco, PhD,c, Dennis Strathopulos, DC,d, Minas Floros, DC,e

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