Network Spinal (NS)

At Boundless Health we utilise a unique style of healing called Network Spinal, which is known for its gentle approach and profound changes to health. The gentle, specific spinal contacts are designed to help your brain and nervous system to release stored tension and stress that is being held by the body.

Foundations of NS

The foundations of Network Spinal are based on creating greater nervous system integrity and adaptability to stress. This approach leads to less tension and stress, more flexibility, adaptability and greater quality of living

This form of reorganizational healing is different to conventional therapies as we focus on supporting internal healing systems in your body, rather than just treating the pain and symptoms (important signals that suggest your body needs reorganisation). This creates a platform for a more sustainable, long-term improvement in your health without the use of manipulation or invasive methods.

While symptom relief is not a primary goal, many people have reported dramatic improvements in their physical health. The participants of the original study by Professor Robert Blanks et al. Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology, College of Medicine, University of California, Irvine:
A retrospective Assessment of Network Care Using A Survey of Self-Related Health, Wellness and Quality of Life reported the following improvements under Network Care;

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